“Quite interesting that is…”

It’s quite interesting that not only have we performed on so many diverse stages: The Reebok Stadium, home to Bolton Wanderers,The Royal Courts of Justice in London and Warwick race course to name but three. But also, what is very interesting is the number of vastly different and colourful folk we have met along the way. There was a wedding reception in Essex a couple of years ago that we did. At the end, this guy came over smiling and shook the hand of each and every one of us saying how much he and his Niece had enjoyed it. Turns out it was Frank Warren, the famous boxing promoter. We were knocked out!

Another time, also in Essex, we were talking to the owner of the rather swanky venue who told us he went to University with Syd Barrett and that ‘The Floyd’ were his friends back in his younger days. Quite interesting too when he added that that his Ex-Wife..”ran off with a very famous 80’s Pop Star who used to dress up as a pirate! Turns out also that this guy’s Dad invented Araldite! You couldn’t make it up.

More interesting stuff to follow presently. Mind how you go.Image



Check out these photos of Loaded. If anyone out there has any feedback, we’d be more than happy to hear from you. Incidentally, as this recession becomes ever more biting and quite frankly beyond tedious, we are having a fair few requests for duos rather than bands. I think this is typical right across the board. Having said that, there are still people around with ‘proper money’ to chuck at their big day. I’m working with my web guy and an SEO company to get us up those all important google rankings. Toddlepip for now and stay warm. What’s with this weather?!ImageImageImageImageImage

Loaded Wedding Band.

Loaded had another great gig at Rivervale Barn, Yateley, near Sandhurst. The Bride and Groom were a really lovely couple and absolutely loved the band’s performance. I think the fact that we have done two separate appearances on the BBC’s ‘EastEnders’ really helps us when prospective Couple are looking for a quality Rock/Pop/Indie band.


Loaded are on the road again tomorrow. It’s another wedding reception, this time at Rivervale Barn, Yately, near Reading. We’ve been there a number of times now. Let’s hope it’s a good one!!!